Learning about AI ETHICS: the differences between Moral, Ethics and Law

To understand the concepts of Ethics and Law: it is necessary to distinguish the three concepts of Moral, Ethics, Law.


Moral is "morality" in general. The moral norm belongs to the common sense of norms of society, a community. For example, don't lie, glass on the bottom, etc. Ethics will not have specific texts and people in the self-understanding community accept themselves.


In Vietnam it is often translated as ethical and easily confused with Moral. Ethics translates more accurately as "Work Ethic" or "Ethics." We will often be the professional ethics framework of specific occupations such as doctor (medical ethics), research ethics, ethics (professional ethics) of the auditor organization (CPA), lawyers, etc. Ethics regulations are usually the principles of self-imposed regulation (自主規制) in such professional organizations. For example, doing research is not plagiarism, respecting the copyright cited fully when published, etc.


Law is the easiest concept to understand because in Vietnam laws are legal documents that are regulated and mandatory. The content of these legal documents is no longer the principle of autonomy, but the principles and regulations imposed from outside, which are mandatory for the subjects specified in the law to implement.

Trends in AI Ethics regulations in the world

Introducing an AI Ethics brochure introducing the very good AI ethics trend of Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting (Japan) makes the Ministry of Industry trade in Japan.

At the end of 2019-2020, the framework for AI ethics in the world is as follows

We can see in each topic each key words different countries emphasize different content.

Link: https://www.meti.go.jp/meti_lib/report/2019FY/000199.pdf

Hà Minh

Hà Minh